Fear and Loathing and Writing

18 Mar
Image via lettersofhappiness.org

Image from lettersofhappiness.org

Welcome to bat country. No, really, when I opened the final draft of my 2010 capstone English paper, I think bats flew out.

I started this blog to dust off that old paper and breathe some new life into it. These ideas have never really left my mind, and I’m using a mid-20’s moment of self-loathing as an excuse to dig back into them.

So I’m treading through 20+ single-space, liberal-artsy pages, and I’m serializing, editing, and removing as many semi-colons as I possibly can. The footnotes, though, they’re staying.

This blog may start out academic in tone, but there’s not telling what kinds of strange and horrible places it’s headed. I’m going to be fleshing out and building off many of the free-floating ideas in my paper. This will take the form of book reviews, music playlists, album comparisons, personal musings, political manifestos, and the like.

I don’t cast myself as an expert in any one topic, but I’d love to hear from any fellow Thompson fans or Acid Test graduates there may be out there. Hit me up in the comments!

Buy the ticket, take the ride.


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