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Baker’s Break: Big Lebowski White Russian Cupcakes

24 Jun
The Dude Drinks a White Russian - Big Lebowski

The Dude in his natural habitat
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So I’ve been busy with decidedly non-countercultural writing, and I thought I’d jump back into this blog with a delicious post based on my favorite countercultural movie, The Big Lebowski. Instead of delving into why The Dude represents the antihero of 1960s counterculture who was left behind by mainstream society and dragged into the morally bankrupt malaise of a post-‘Nam, pre-Desert Storm America, I’m going to show you how to make white russian cupcakes.

Trust me, you’ll thank me when you get the munchies at your next Big Lebowski party.

White Russian Cupcakes Recipe Step 1

Here’s whatall you’ll need

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